Who is O? by Vevna Forrow

Updated: Oct 11

The following video has audio - listen to Forrow:

I am an only child.

I am original.

I am proud of being creatively odd.

While I may have been dancing for a while alone,

still I had over the top adventures.

O one day got me out of my turtle shell.

O saved me through art from boring days of hell.

O taught me to be a magnet for standing out.

O showed me to trust my gut and have no doubt.

O is part of my roar.

O means I am an open book and for others hold open a door.

O is my true second name.

O got me through life — a most nefarious game.

For 27 years, it was a tornado of choices I overcame.

I made mistakes and never passed a blame.

I worked full time while I finished college not for fame,

but to carry on my burning dreams and honor my family name.

O is also my blood type.

O is another way I share — I am human too and care.

O is what stops me from playing silly truth or dare.

O is who I am each day and everywhere.

You may call me, O.

Now, I must help someone else

and go.


Jazz Marie Kaur (Vevna Forrow) is the creator of Dipity Lit Mag and the Hummingbird Blink podcast on Spotify featuring primarily voices of the Instagram poetry community. She is the author of the Jazzy Hummingbird Project series on Amazon. Her spoken word artistry name is The Moon Kingseas. Work of hers appears in the Lothlorien Journal and Kindergarten Mag. Jazz is a Midwest tech nerd, visual designer and self-taught cartoonist. Visit the About Jazz sections of the Forrow Ink site to learn more. Follow on Instagram: @jasveen_marie_kaur @thetinykoala and @dipitylitmag Twitter: @jazzdraws508


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