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  • 2 Poems by Mark J. Mitchell

    FAILED SURVEILLANCE He doubts shadows—his own, yours—Hers, of course, thrown under the last light on this slow street. Still, he’ll follow, or walk slowly, while your eyes scan sidewalks, listen for her feet and his. She thinks she still smokes, loots her purse for long lost lighters. His small, sharp retreat casts doubt on your shadows, her changing course, curving but fast. A light car growls the street ahead. You watch her turn while he stops short under a circle of fading light. Streets go black to gray. Sharp angles fail to meet your eyes. He won’t look at your report. He’ll doubt your shadow. And her heart, of course. PRICE OF ADMISSION He seeks maps of missing letters. He knows they’re inside clocks in long-closed theaters, dusty as black and white movies. They are ignored guardians, so lost runes stay safe. Unmoving hands stopped when the final show ended. Silver light got swallowed by drapes. The box office is empty. One red stub pokes from the ticket slot. If he could reach through glass, he might enter. Across sun-bleached carpet—he knew where they hid the key. Stale popcorn protects it. Then he’d softly rub the timepiece. Letters would come out of jail. ABOUT: Mark J. Mitchell’s most recent collection is Something to Be from Pski’s Porch. A historical novel will be out soon. He’s fond of baseball, Miles Davis and Dante. He lives in San Francisco with his wife, the activist, Joan Juster where he makes his living pointing out pretty things. Check out He sometimes tweets @Mark J Mitchell_Writer EDITOR'S SONG PAIRING: Silver Screen Life by Unlike Pluto

  • Black Velvet by Sarah Henry

    Black was the color of the velvet skirt I wore to attend a lovely church. A bishop gave God’s blessing. Black was the color of the velvet dress I wore to dinner at a great hotel. A harp played in the balcony. Black was the color of the velvet pants I wore to an art show’s opening. A patron drove a charged Tesla. Black was the color of the velvet shirt I wore to lunch in a penthouse. It had a view of Manhattan. Black was the color of the velvet cap I wore to pose for old selfies. My head had been swollen. ABOUT: Sarah Henry studied poetry in college with a Nobel prizing winning teacher and later worked for a major newspaper. After retiring, she became an active poet again. Her work has appeared in The Pittsburgh Poetry Review, Turtle Island Quarterly, What Rough Beast and Soundings East as well as many anthologies. She lives and writes in a small Pennsylvania town. Her first formal dress was velvet and it was beautiful! EDITOR'S SONG PAIRING: If you wear that velvet dress U2 Cover by boomrang

  • 3 Poems by Diana Raab

    Terminal Sweetness My daughter Regine suffers from something many of us wish we had, but it can handicap even an ordinary life. She was born with terminal sweetness, first noticed even before her high Apgar score was yelled out by the stressed out O.R. nurse. Regine was born smiling, happy and round. Her father said she was so perfect that her smile belonged on the side of a pamper box. Now twenty years later her perfection makes us proud as she sprinkles her love on those blessed by her presence. She rejoices when her loved ones are happy and whimpers when they’re sad and does anything in her power, even to her own detriment, to release the pain in a loved ones’ heart. Regine doesn’t even eat meat. That hurts animals. The Art of Listening Each morning when my eyes gently open with our brilliant sunrise, I hear the sound of my 17-year-old dog’s breath beside me— gentle breaths from a sour mouth of rotten teeth way too old to clean. My ears are pulled to my bedroom window overlooking my yard with pool amidst. In the distance is a passing jet. If I push my ears out to focus, I hear sparrows chirping on a pepper tree, as if they all arrived for breakfast at the same time. Who rang the breakfast bell? and is it audible to every human ear? It’s summertime, and If I stop for one more moment, I hear the buzzing of our air conditioner unit pushing out cool air on this hot steamy summer morning. From the next room, a toilet flushes, and then the sound of my husband placing his night guard in its plastic container. These are all morning sounds that reminds me it’s time to begin a new day of new ways and new dreams. It’s a day not to turn back to yesterday, but a reminder to stay in the moment And practice the art of listening. The Spirit of Things Let’s stop for a minute to meditate on the awe around us and feel with it with our heart. The spirit of all is a pulse, a vibrational frequency— some things are like racing hearts others have the pulse to stop. A pulse in everything from the plant in your garden to the crows on the neighbor’s branches to the dog who cuddles with you at night and the buddha on your desk who scrutinizes all you do. feel the energy and you will feel alive vibrant yearning to continue on this life journey, which is sometimes dull, heavy, and quick. and occasionally moral. ABOUT: Diana Raab, PhD, is an award-winning memoirist, poet, blogger, speaker, and author of 10 books and is a contributor to numerous journals and anthologies. Her two latest books are, "Writing for Bliss: A Seven-Step Plan for Telling Your Story and Transforming Your Life," and "Writing for Bliss: A Companion Journal." Her poetry chapbook, "An Imaginary Affair," was recently published in July 2022 with Finishing Line Press. She blogs for Psychology Today, Thrive Global, Sixty and Me, Good Men Project, and The Wisdom Daily and is a frequent guest blogger for various other sites. Visit: Follow @dianaraab for updates on her work. EDITOR'S SONG PAIRING: Bhudda[P. Mogan's Perspective] by Sonic Pulse

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  • Issue Shop | Hummingbird Blink

    issue shop ORDER PHANTOMS BW EDITION $19.95 ORDER ECONOMY EDITION $33.42 ORDER DIGITAL PDF VERSION $24.99 ORDER SOFTCOVER VERSION $58.97 The first jumbo issue consists of poetry, photography, drawings, and collage artwork. You'll see the work of Daniel Schulz, Kate Garrett, Tyler Auston Jones, Lynn Long, Carella Keil, Yewande Akinse and many more! Some additional features of Instagram poets are inside of Millie.St.Waters, Clair de lune (Kandice), and poets from around the U.S., Canada, Germany, Netherlands etc. is shared. You'll learn more about Vevna Forrow too plus discover music and book reccommendations. Please remember to compare online bookstore prices. Use a keyword search if the ISBNs have not yet pulled up in your preferred store. The phantom and full color softcover editions are now 2.0 releases meaning minor revisions occurred. ​ Length: approx. 200 Pages : International Shipping ​ Print Softcover Economy Light Interior Color Edition 5×8 in, 13×20 cm on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Thriftbooks, etc. ​ Print Softcover Phantoms B&W Economy Light Interior Edition 5×8 in, 13×20 cm on Amazon, . Barnes & Noble, Thriftbooks, etc. Print Softcover Regular Full Color Packed Version 5×8 in, 13×20 cm on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Thriftbooks, etc. ​ Print Hardcover Dust Jacket Version 5×8 in, 13×20 cm on Blurb only See Preview Here ​ Digital PDF *INSTANT DELIVERY* you can find the digital downsized version under Blurb's hardcover edition options ​ COMING SOON - WINTER LATE-DECEMBER 2022- BY EARLY JANUARY LATEST DUE TO HOLIDAYS

  • Poetry | Hummingbird Blink - Vevna Forrow Ink

    vevna forrow WELCOME FELLOW HUMMINGBIRDS! I am a self-taught cartoonist who prefers drawing with a computer mouse instead of a stylus pen but do love to sketch with Faber Castell markers. I enjoy helping others and have experience providing walk-up customer service in the fast-paced world of Information Technology. For about four years, I also participated in the Girls in Engineering, Mathematics & Science (GEMS) program and summer camp classes held onsite at Augsburg College, which sparked my interest in tech at a young age. I love to learn every day! I volunteer when I can on Experts Exchange and love discussing information security! I was awarded 2020 Rookie of the Year on EE. I also write under my pen name Vevna Forrow. Check out some of my poetry collection work on Amazon as well as mouse art T-Shirts! My latest project is The Jazzy Hummingbird Project poetry shorts series of over 350+ poems and 40+ mini shorts titles. As a writer, I love to have fun, share stories flying around in my head and be unfiltered. You can also get the Kindle mobile app. View on Amazon Projects Wing Things The Jazzy Hummingbird Project Shorts Series on Amazon Kindle 45+ shorts titles Words with Wings Anthology Page 246: Jazz Marie Kaur "The Infinite Hourglass Brain" Participated in an Anthology for 2021 All Poetry available in paperback also now available through the new eBook Galactic Bird Brain "Computers don't hold all the answers neither do I, but when a problem comes around I won't give up and won't hide underground" Jazz Marie Kaur Flights & Road trips Scottsdale, Arizona Singapore Minneapolis, Minnesota Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Brooklyn, NY Osaka, Japan Virginia Beach, VA Lutsen, Minnesota Houston, Texas Hudson, Wisconsin Primm, Nevada Buffalo, MN Chaska, MN Stillwater, MN St. Peter, MN Minnetonka, MN Las Vegas, Nevada If you wish to reprint, adapt one into film, music or share a poem, you have my permission as long as you include Jazz Marie Kaur and my pen name: Vevna Forrow [both listed preferred, but credit my pen name at a minimum]

  • Submit | Hummingbird Blink

    submission guidelines Interested in submitting? ​ How many times can I submit? Unlimited now per year unless specified by the editor and only initial 1st time submissions are free except for expedited review. Send your best, experimental or even declined writes too! Have fun! ONLINE and AUDIO are TEMP CLOSED currently until the next issue release. At this time submissions for PRINT are: ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ We may close this depending upon the amount of submissions received at any time and hope to establish a regular submission schedule in the future. Our turn around time varies for review and we do our best to respond sometimes at least within 3 weeks. Anything outside of this time or 30 days, assume it was not accepted . Do inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere. We do our best to send a notification email to all submitters, but do apologize if any messages are missed. Feel free to ask questions on the Dipity Community board page or the Dipity e-mail. All expedited and feedback fees are non-refundable. ​ How many poems? What can I submit? We accept poetry, prose, and fiction stories in the writing world. You can submit short story fiction stories under 1-2 pages. We don’t theme all issues at this time, but sometimes do . We also now accept photography and any artwork with a bio and titles or nicknames of pieces emaled. Submit up to 3 poems in a single ideally Word doc to the Google Form or 3 prose writes. For fiction short stories ensure no more than 3 stories and 1-2 pages each again. We're not picky on font but prefer Times New Roman 11pt. Remember our mag will standardize the font anyway across each poem whether it be online or print. Ensure each poem is on its own page. These poems can be in any style of any length and we especially love experimental avant-garde poetry including emojis so have fun! Do you accept previously published poetry? No, sorry. However, you may submit poetry shared on social media channels that has not been published elsewhere in print etc. or online. Do not send poems that have been featured in blogs or podcasts already. We really want to see unpublished poetry, but do accept previously published short stories. What else should I include? Your preferred publication name, your social media handles Twitter, Instagram and a photograph (this photo should be one you’ve taken such as a selfie) to accompany your poem or feature in the magazine. If you’re the author of a poetry book or collections, do share. Please keep it PG-13. Images and poetry that promote violence or may appear to be attacking in nature shall not be accepted. Provide a 3-8 sentence bio. Include a short bit about the backstory to your submission and what you feel comfortable sharing of course you can state I’ll leave it up to the reader too. State when you started poetry or how long you’ve been writing as well. If you don’t wish to provide a photo of yourself, then a photo of a pet, fave thing in nature or some other personal fun photo would suffice. We typically only put photos in print issues, but Jazz will sometimes integrate them at times Where can I buy or read the magazine? We use a company similar to MagCloud. We distribue our print issues to Amazon, Barnes & Noble plus a few other online bookstores. We cannot mail deliver a physical copy to all contributors at this time either, but you may order it or purchase it digitally online. Additionally, Dipity Literary Magazine with your permission may choose to publish writes online only under the featured web archival section instead. Do you pay writers? At this time we cannot pay for submissions, but would definitely like to in the near future and even tackle chapbook submissions. We will also in the future host poetry prompt contests @dipityliterarymag on Instagram or challenges online in the Dipity Community section where you can also ask questions and answer to help fellow poets. ​ Do you make changes? We tend to publish as is, meaning please ensure upon submission that your poem is proofread thoroughly and edited in the way you'd like to see it appear in the mag. Of course we will do our best to ensure grammatical errors are caught. How much is the reading fee? Dipity Literary Mag has ZERO reading fees for first time submiters as of 10/31/2022. We use orders of the mag and donations to support the maintenance costs and to fund all other community projects. This is subject to change in the future, but we really just want to focus on sharing awesome writing and Jazz feels that fees are a bloody headache! Art has no submission fees. ​ What about publication rights? You retain rights to your work and we just ask that you mention or credit Dipity Literary Magazine as the first publication place in any future reshares. How can I support further? Visit the Gift Shop, Donate through PayPal or Ko-Fi too. ​ Pal Email: Contact: Lastly, please do not email poems or submissions unless there is technical issue on the form! Thanks! Have awesome days ahead! ​ [ NOW CLOSED] DONATE HERE SUBMISSION FORM

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